Mar 12, 2010

Gone With The Wind

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Gone With The Wind | Margaret Michelle | English | Pdf | 6.9 MB (rar)
Gone With The Wind is American author Margaret Michelle’s timeless classic romantic novel about the hardships of American Civil War & its aftermath. It is written so vividly that readers feel as if he/she is right there experiencing all that was going on. It was first published on May, 1936 & won the 1937 Pulitzer Prize. It was adapted into a movie of the same name which won Academy Award in 1939.It is one of the most read & most popular books of all time with more than 28 million copies sold worldwide. Michener - a master storyteller in his own right-predicted in 1975 that "critics will forever have to grapple with the problem of why Margaret Mitchell's novel has remained so readable, and so important to so many people." 

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