Sep 23, 2009

The Principles Of Beautiful Web Design

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The Principles Of Beautiful Web Design | Pages 181 | PDF | Size 7.6 MB
Tired of making web sites that work absolutely perfectly but just don't look nice?
If so, then The Principles of Beautiful Web Design is for you. A simple, easy-to-follow guide, illustrated with plenty of full-color examples, this book will lead you through the process of creating great designs from start to finish. Good design principles are not rocket science, and using the information contained in this book will help you create stunning web sites.
Understand the design process, from discovery to implementation
Understand what makes "good design"
Developing pleasing layouts using grids, the rule of thirds, balance and symmetry
Use color effectively, develop color schemes and create a palette
Use textures, lines, points, shapes, volumes and depth
Learn how good typography can make ordinary designs look great
Effective imagery: choosing, editing and placing images
And much more
Throughout the book, you'll follow an example design, from concept to completion, learning along the way. The book's full-color layout and large format (8" x 10") make The Principles Of Beautiful Wed Design a pleasure to read.

OBS: This PDF is solely for your evaluation of the book. If you like it, please buy the paperback edition and support the writer. All of its contents are copyrighted materials, you must not sell it.

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