Aug 21, 2009

Shoot Like A PRO ! Digital Photography Techniques

Pages: 241 | Format: .pdf | Author: Julie Adair King | Size: 5Mb
Take your digital photography to the next level with help from this wonderfully written guidebook. Best-selling author Julie Adair King shows you the secrets that professional photographers use to capture memorable portraits, spectacular nature and travel images, and eye-catching product shots. You'll find out how to take full advantage of your digital camera's features, from exposure controls to resolution options, and learn techniques that will help you get a perfect picture every time--even in difficult lighting and other challenging situations!

*Discover the best camera settings to use for different photographic projects
*Gain control over exposure, focus, color, and contrast with traditional filters and digital tools
*Find out how to take better close-ups, panoramic images, nighttime pictures, and action shots
*Improve your pictures with easy lighting techniques
*Learn the secrets to shooting glass, metal, and other reflective subjects
*Build a home or office studio using affordable alternatives to high-priced professional equipment
*Save money by taking portraits and product shots yourself instead of hiring a professional photographer
*Learn to identify beautiful compositions in everyday scenes
*Make great, long-lasting prints and prepare pictures for a Web page or an online album”.


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