Jul 24, 2009

Photography The Art of Composition

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, photographic composition has been taught mostly by applying the principles from the field of graphic design. But the factor that distinguishes the work of master photographers is their ability to see and describe scenes visually. In his newly published book, Photography The Art of Composition, Bert Krages introduces a radically different approach that applies modern cognitive science to show photographers how they can develop their perceptual skills. The book follows contemporary educational methods used to teach fine arts such as drawing and painting, concentrating on teaching the perception of critical visual elements and understanding how they will be rendered photographically. "In many respects, this book can do for photography what Betty Edwards’ best-selling Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain did for drawing. Many people believe that seeing is a mysterious gift, the so-called ‘artist's eye.’" says Krages. The core of the book is a group of sixty exercise that readers perform to learn how to perceive points, lines, and shapes in static and dynamic settings. These exercises are structured enough to push photographers to develop their cognitive abilities while at the same time flexible enough to allow for individual creative expression. They also show the importance of knowing about the subject and provide some history about the specific genres at the heart of each exercise.

Photographers can now perfect their ability to perceive and record scenes with this fresh approach to composition. Unlike other composition resources, which are based on graphic design principles, Photography: The Art of Composition uses cognitive science to help photographers develop greater artistic proficiency. Illustrated by more than 250 photographs, this book offers a series of exercises sure to help photographers see and perceive their environment differently. Chapters and exercises cover:
Developing your intuitive sense of composition to create better photos - Understanding how the human brain perceives images - Developing your visual acuity by studying art and photography - Learning how to shoot in a wide variety of genres including street documentary, photojournalism, nature, landscape, sports, and still-life photography - Thinking and working like an artist -Choosing the right camera equipment

This informative guide will help photographers develop their cognitive skills and take compelling photos.


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