Jul 24, 2009

Maximize Your Metabolism

Maximize Your Metabolism | Christopher Guerriero |
How many times have you heard people blame their genes for their sluggish metabolism, their job for their sedentary lifestyle, or our culture for their addiction to fast food? The blame-game is an easy trap to fall into; however, it fails to seperate the symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle from the root of the problem. Diet books will instruct you to eat less, give you different variations of food to eat, or tell you what exercises you should be doing, but most of us have had the expeirence of committing to a health program without success. Or with a bit of success that is far too temporary. Now for the first time ever, Christopher Guerriero takes readers to the real starting point of their health and weight issues by unveiling the reasons who you don't have the body you want the simple steps you can take to maximize your metabolism in order to stay permanently lean and fat free. From how to speed up your metabolism in a matter of days to the hidden cause of dieting failure, Christopher solves the riddle of weight loss once and for all.

About the Author
Christopher Guerriero’s techniques have enabled thousands to master their metabolism, their health and their weight over the past 15 years. Now he’s written the best techniques down for you to get the same great results


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