Jul 5, 2009

Linux Kernels Internals (2nd Edition)

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Linux Kernels Internals (2nd Edition)
Addison Wesley | ISBN: 0201331438 | 1997 | PDF | 496 pages | 5.81 MB

"If you intend to write kernel code or a kernel module, or just want to know how the kernel of a Linux system works, this book is an excellent source of information... I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about writing code or who wants to know what is in the Linux kernel."
-- Phil Hughes, Linux Journal
Since the introduction of Linux version 1.2 in March 1995, the reliability and flexibility of this free operating system has attracted a vast community of programmers from all over the world. Now at version 2.4, Linux is being successfully employed in commercial software development by internet providers and in research and teaching
About the Author
Michael Beck is the director of software development for the DResearch Digital Media Systems GmbH. Harold Boehme teaches computer science at Humboldt University. Ulrich Kunitz is a software project manager for Internet Banking Solutions. Claus Schroeter works in the Chemie.De information service.

OBS: This PDF is solely for your evaluation of the book. If you like it, please buy the paperback edition and support the writer. All of its contents are copyrighted materials, you must not sell it.

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