Jul 14, 2009

Digital Art Photography For Dummies

Digital Art Photography For Dummie | Pages: 386 | Format: .pdf | Author: Matthew Bamberg | Size:27Mb

You’ll not only discover great new ideas, you’ll see the effects in full color. This book will help you

* Get fabulous, well-exposed photos, no matter what your shooting conditions may be
* Tweak, edit, and enhance your images to create something a lot better than what you started with, or maybe something entirely new
* Produce gallery-worthy art prints that people are willing to pay for
* Find out if it’s time to upgrade your computer to handle graphics work

Sound like fun? This plain-English guide makes it easy, too! You’ll find out just what makes a picture artistic, how to plan and set up a good photo shoot, what kinds of tools are available in Photoshop to help you enhance or even completely revamp an image, and how to be sure that what comes out of your printer meets all your expectations. Best of all, this book is jam-packed with full-color images that show you just what you can produce. You’ll find out how to

* Select the right digital equipment
* Shoot in color, black-and-white, and at night
* Choose subject matter that fits your style
* Understand and use your camera’s settings to get the best shots
* Photograph landscapes, people, action, and just about anything else
* Create special effects in Photoshop
* Improve the quality of your photos or turn them into true works of art
* Mat and frame your work for maximum effect


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