Jul 21, 2009

Computer Networks - Andrew S. Tanenbaum

-- Computer Networks is the absolute "bible" in networking fundamentals-- New Chapter on security, including coverage of IPSec, web security, and VPN security-- New coverage of wireless communications including Bluetooth, 802.11b/wireless LANs and 3G cellular systems.This is a major and highly anticipated revision of the "bible of computer networking" from a best-selling author and leading computer authority, researcher and educator. Tanenbaum explains how networks work from the inside out on traditional WANs, the Internet, and wireless networks - unbelievable coverage in one book! He starts with an explanation of computer hardware and transmission systems and works his way up to network applications including e-mail, the domain name system, the world wide web - both client and serverside. Each chapter follows a consistent approach whereby principles are presented and illustrated using real world example networks running through the entire book: the Internet and wireless networks including Wireless Lans and Bluetooth. The Fourth edition also has

extensive coverage of multimedia networking including, Voice over IP, streaming media, video on demand, and video conferencing. A brand new chapter on Security and exclusive explanations of QoS and network performance round out the additional offerings.

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