Jun 10, 2009

Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide Book

Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide Book | Pages 440 | PDF | 8.45 MB
This title for power users and IT professionals is the authoritative source for information on the Windows XP registry and how to modify it to suit your administrative and personal needs.

The Windows registry contains profiles for each user of a computer plus information about system hardware, installed programs, property settings, and more. Modifying the Windows registry gives users the utmost control over the PC, but it's been somewhat of a dangerous black art -- until now. This title is the complete reference to working with the Windows XP registry -- including everything from registry hacks for power users to management and deployment guidance for IT professionals. The book includes troubleshooting hints, common workarounds, and a guide to how to use the new registry editor. Written by a recognized expert -- the author of six books on the Windows registry -- this book is the authoritative resource for readers who want or need to work with the Windows registry. Highlights include chapters on pinpointing registry settings and scripting registry changes, dealing with registry permissions, using Windows Installer, and mapping Tweak UI settings to actual registry
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